Speaking with Confidence: Tip 1!

We're really excited to present to you the first tip for our email course, Speaking with Confidence, fresh out of the oven!

There are 7 tips all together, and this is the first one!

Tell us what you think about this tip and how you're going to apply it in your everyday English speaking situation by commenting!

If you would like to get all 7 tips, please join the free Speaking with Confidence online course by signing up below. It's a mini email course where we'll send you the tips directly to your email.

See you then!



12 Replies to “Speaking with Confidence: Tip 1!”

  1. Interesting. I love it so much. Just cant wait to explore more wth all of you, the sisters. Great job! Will definitely support this project!

    1. Remember tip 1: Positive Self Talk. I would like you to empower yourself by identifying which part of grammar that you want to work on and apply immediately when you speak and write! Stay tuned for tip 2 where we also give our opinion on grammar!

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