“Your” vs. “You’re”


It’s time to put this common mistake to rest.

“You’re” is a shorter version of “you are”, so it would be incorrect to use “you’re” if the sentence doesn’t make sense when you replace it with “you are”.

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“There”, “They’re” and “Their”


Why does English have to be so difficult? Yeah, we wonder the same thing sometimes.

Like the words “there”, “they’re” and “their” sound alike, but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

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“Congrats” vs “Congrates”


How many times have you seen people write “congrates!” when they congratulate someone? This is quite a common mistake among Malaysians, particularly spotted in social media.

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“That’s mean” vs “that means”

That's meanWe often hear people (Malaysians, particularly) use the words “that’s mean” when they actually want to say “that means”.

So what? It’s just a little grammar mistake. Yeah, but if you ever get caught saying that in a country other than Malaysia, you might just offend the person you say it to.

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