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Hi! I'm Amnah and together with my two sisters, Azimah and Aisya, we are the founders of My English Matters. We help Malaysians with their English communication skills so that they can be more confident at the workplace.

Have you ever had any of these challenges? You're full of ideas and opinions that you believe can help the company that you work for, but you feel so self-conscious about your broken English that you'd rather keep quiet. You feel embarrassed every time you try to speak English because you know that you're making so many grammar mistakes. You're afraid that people will laugh at you instead of take you seriously because your English is so bad.

I've had the same problems too. Growing up in Manchester, England, we were thrown into a purely English-speaking environment at a young age. I didn't speak for a whole year in school because I was too afraid that people would make fun of my (almost non-existent) English speaking skills. Eventually I did come around after one of my friends overheard me talking English to my imaginary friend (hey, I was seven!). Communicating English became natural to me because I spoke and wrote in the language every day. When we came back to Malaysia, I was 12 years old and had to learn Bahasa Malaysia from scratch. I had no confidence in my mother tongue and had to work hard to catch up with my peers. But I still loved English - it was always my favourite subject in school. I even represented my school for a public speaking contest and won first place!

Now, I'm confident in both languages - English and Bahasa Malaysia. Through reading, writing, translating and transcribing both languages for television shows, I know that English is much more difficult to learn than Bahasa Malaysia. Communicating in English when it's your second language makes it even more tough. And once you join the workforce, there's the added pressure of a heavy workload and having to sound professional that it can bring your confidence down. You wish you could have more time to improve your English, but you work everyday and you don't have time to attend English classes.

That's why Azimah, Aisya and I have been working on an online course that we plan to launch in September 2017. It's called Communicate with Confidence - The Advanced Course,  targeted for Malaysians at the workplace.

After getting positive feedback about the free version of the course, Speaking with Confidence, we felt that there was a lot more we could teach based on our own experience in speaking English with confidence. The seven tips we shared were just the tip of the iceberg – there are more techniques and exercises that you can do to speak and sound more confident.

With Azimah's 12-year experience as an instructor teaching English to second-language learners, Public Speaking, Linguistics and Drama; Aisya's seven years as a freelancer translating and transcribing English to Bahasa Malaysia; and my own six-year experience working in an English-speaking corporate environment - we decided to put our heads together and create a comprehensive online course especially for you.

There will be three modules in our advanced Communicate with Confidence course. These will tackle issues like overcoming shyness, dealing with nerves, techniques for communicating fluidly, sounding fluent and professional, and the latest communication practices around the world. Most importantly, the course will be fun, practical and transformative. 

Here are the three modules:

Module 1: Building your confidence

Do you wish you could overcome your shyness when it comes to speaking? Do you find it difficult to deal with your nerves before any speaking situation?

This module is about doing the inner work necessary to build your confidence as a speaker. The strategies we will share are the focal point of the entire course and can be used in any speaking situation.

The strategies we will cover are:
1. Prepping your mind
2. Prepping your body
3. Coping mechanisms to deal with your nerves.

Module 2: Speaking with fluency

Do you wish you could sound more fluent and professional when you speak in meetings or in formal settings?

In this module, we look at how to get your ideas across verbally, how to elaborate your ideas, find the right words and phrases to use, and approach grammar in a conversational context.

There are four parts to this module:
1. The art of elaboration
2. The art of speaking meaningfully
3. How to avoid rambling
4. How to express opinions and disagreement assertively.

Module 3: Speaking clearly 

Do you have problems speaking in a clear and confident manner?

This module covers the enhancement process required to speak dynamically. It covers clear pronunciation; using the voice as a tool to convey meaning effectively; and learning from the best communicators to sound fluent, persuasive and engaging. Each part of this module will contain self-recording exercises.

There are three parts to this module:
1. Clear pronunciation
2. Word stress and sentence stress
3. Pace, intonation and rhythm.


Once you join us, we'll send you an email with a link to join a private Facebook group that is only for the paying students of this course. In this group, Azimah, Aisya and I will be active in giving updates on the course and answering any questions you may have.

When we launch in September, we will post our video lessons in the group so you can watch and share with us your comments from there.

Each module will consist of several videos, so we will release each video over the course of several weeks. We will also notify you via email whenever we release new lessons in the course. The worksheets and exercises to each of the lessons will be attached to those emails so that you can download and complete them in your own time.

The duration of this course is expected to be three weeks - one week for each module. However, since this course will be a work in progress, it may exceed three weeks. 

After going through the videos and doing the exercises that we'll be giving you, you will have built more confidence in communicating in English, you'll sound more fluent and professional, and you'll speak clearly using the techniques that we plan to teach you.

Since you're one of our earliest subscribers, we are pre-selling this course at a reduced price of RM497. That means, if you want to register for this course, you will need to pay for it before we release the first lesson in September 2017. 

Why are we pre-selling the course? Creating content and producing videos, lessons and exercises require a lot of time, effort and resources. We want to make sure we have enough students signed up for this course before we put all our time and resources into it. Plus, we also get to create the course with you! You get to give us your feedback and tell us what you want to learn to make the course even better.

So what do you get if you pre-order this course?

When you purchase the course today,...

1. You'll become among the first ever students of Communicate with Confidence - The Advanced Course where you can help us create an online course that's relevant and effective for you. We'll make sure that you finish the course more confident with your English speaking skills. 

2. You'll get one bonus video lesson on how to structure your message for a formal presentation. This lesson will show you the best tips to get your message across to the audience.

3. As another bonus, you get a group coaching session with the three of us. After the online course is complete, we will set a date and venue for you to meet with us. In the session, you can practice the techniques you've learned in the course and get our feedback and support. 

4. You can enjoy the low pre-sale price of RM497. Taking English courses can cost thousands of ringgit - whether it's online or traditional courses. Learning with us, you'll get access to our lessons at a reduced price and you won't even need to leave the comfort of your own home to participate. After our course launches in September, this price will no longer be available for the next batch of students.

5. You will have access to this online course for as long as it's in existence. You will also have access to any updates we make to it in the future.

6. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the online course, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of the first lesson we will release. However, you must send to us a copy of all completed exercises/worksheets that we assign to you.

7. If we don't have enough students signed up for this course, we will fully refund your RM497.

8. Here's one more bonus! We'll add you into our Whatsapp group where you can get instant access to us to ask questions, share your feedback about the course and suggest any additional training to make the course effective for you. We'll be available to answer any of your questions within normal business hours throughout the duration of the course.


So, are you ready to be trained and coached by us? If you are, we will be delighted to see you in the program. Just click the 'Pay Now' button below to join us.

Our pre-sale ends on the 10th of August, Thursday at 11.59pm so get in now to enjoy this reduced price -- we'll be increasing the price after the pre-sale. This is a special offer that we're giving only to our earliest subscribers.

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See you on the other side!

My English Matters.