“Your” vs. “You’re”


It’s time to put this common mistake to rest.

“You’re” is a shorter version of “you are”, so it would be incorrect to use “you’re” if the sentence doesn’t make sense when you replace it with “you are”.

“You’re aunt looks good in that dress.”

The “you’re” in the above sentence is incorrect because it would read like this:

“You are aunt looks good in that dress.”

Girl, did you just call me an auntie?

No, because the sentence just makes no sense in the first place. Just remember that the ‘re refers to “are”.

“Your” is used to say something belongs to someone.

“Your aunt looks good in that dress.” Now that is the correct sentence.

“Your late!” is incorrect because the correct sentence should mean “You are late!”. So the correct spelling would be “You’re late!”.

Hope the above helps.

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