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Confidence is the willingness to try

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I hope you’re having a great Thursday morning. I recently came across a short video by Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker, talking about confidence. She says “Confidence is not a skill. Confidence is the willingness to try.”

Do you feel afraid of speaking up? Are you afraid that people might laugh at you? Are you afraid of making grammar mistakes or pronouncing something wrong?

The next time you feel that way, just remember that confidence is the willingness to try. Even if you’re scared, even if you know you’ll make mistakes. You do it anyway. Or at least, you try.

What can you try to do today, even if it scares you? Perhaps it’s speaking up in a meeting, asking for a long overdue promotion or telling your boss that you want to take on a bigger role. Or maybe it’s just ordering a pizza in English.

If it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, move on and figure out how you’ll do it better the next time. Whatever the outcome, you’re one step ahead than where you were yesterday.

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