Do you go blank when you’re asked to speak spontaneously? Try this technique.

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Last weekend we had our Speaking English with Confidence LIVE workshop at TTDI! We had a total of 24 students and over the course of two days, we had our students practice speaking spontaneously, sharing stories and role playing. Here’s a photo of last weekend’s event with our amazing students:

students workshop english

One of the things we noticed was that most people struggle with speaking spontaneously in front of a group or audience. So today I want to share with you one of the speaking frameworks that Madam Azimah taught during the workshop.

This is a technique that I have personally used and I’ve found it helpful. It’s called PREP.

    • Point – Introduce your main point. Focus on one point only, so it’s easier for your audience to understand.
    • Reasons – Tell your audience why you think the point is true. It could be a statistic, a quote you remember, or your own experience with it.
    • Example – Highlight an example (or several) that supports your main point and your reasons. Back this up with data if appropriate.
    • Point – End your speech by stating your main point again so that you have a strong conclusion.

This is a great framework when you’re asked a question during a meeting, or when your boss suddenly tells you to share some information to a group of people.

It doesn’t have to be long. Many people make the mistake of thinking people want to listen to long speeches. But the truth is, everybody just wants to understand the main point of what you have to say. Remember, your opinions matter, and if you want to create an impact, it’s okay to keep it short and straight to the point.

The next time you find yourself going blank in a speaking situation, try using this simple technique to sound more confident. Don’t forget to tell us how it goes.


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