Is it too late for me to improve my English?

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We hear this all the time. “I’m already <age>. Is it too late for me to improve my English?” Or something along those lines.

People thinking they’re just too old, or it’s too late to do something, to learn something, to improve on something, to start something new.

Just a little over two years ago, Aisya, Azimah and I came up with the idea to help Malaysians with their English. We wanted it to be fun, easy to understand and practical for Malaysians. And we wanted it to be online.

speaking with confidence
Our first Facebook post in 2016.

But none of us had any experience in setting up a website, creating an email list and all that other stuff. We were basically starting from scratch. But after reading so many blog posts and even investing in online courses to learn all of it, we managed to pull it off. And I can say I’m proud of how far we’ve come.

There’s a quote by Albert Einstein and it goes like this: “Once you stop learning you start dying.”

So the answer is no, it’s never too late. Keep on learning, even if it’s hard. Confidence comes from competence – the ability to do something successfully through learning and practice. It may not be easy, but isn’t that what success is all about? Having the satisfaction of knowing you’ve succeeded in doing something that was hard.

This week’s email is a short one–I spent the whole morning and afternoon running errands for the family–but I hope it can inspire you to keep going and keep learning.

We’ll talk to you again soon.

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We’re Azimah, Amnah and Aisya from Malaysia. We created My English Matters as an online platform to help people improve their English.

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