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Let’s talk about grammar again…

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Two weeks ago, I wrote an email to our subscribers about speaking up at work even if you think you have poor grammar.

Did you miss it? Read it here.

We received so many replies from that email. So today, I’m writing about grammar again.

But this is not a lesson about grammar. This is a post to help change your mindset around it.

Grammar is important when you’re writing professional emails, letters to clients or copy for marketing materials such as websites and leaflets.

But when it comes to everyday speaking situations, it’s okay to have imperfect grammar.

Many of us get so worried about using correct grammar when we speak! But to be an effective speaker, it’s the last thing you need to worry about.

Instead, you’ve got to focus on these few things:

1. Your message. What is it that you want the person/people to understand?

2. Your CTA or Call To Action. What is that you want the person/people to do?

3. Your audience. Who are you speaking to? It could be one person, a group of people or a large audience. Different people require different ways of speaking.

See? Grammar is not even in the list!

However, if you’re writing a professional letter, an important email or copy for marketing materials then yes, you will need somebody to proofread your work.

So I hope we’ve made it clear. Grammar is important when it comes to writing if you want to sound professional, but not so important when it comes to speaking.

As long as the listener understands your message, then you’re fine. The key is to keep speaking and practising.

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