What’s your struggle?

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If we look up the word “struggle”, here’s one of the definitions:

to strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance.

So if you’re striving and working hard to achieve something that’s difficult, that means you’re struggling.

We often look at struggle like it’s a negative thing. But actually, it’s the opposite. Anything worth achieving is not easy, right? You’ve got to struggle for it. So struggling can be a good thing.

Think back to all the great achievements you’ve had in the past. Did you struggle for it? I’m guessing your answer is yes.

So take a moment right now and ask yourself. “What am I struggling with/for right now?”

It may be related to learning English, or it may be related to something else entirely.

What’s your attitude toward that struggle? Are you saying to yourself, “Ugh, I hate this. This is so hard,” or, “I’m so terrible, I’ll never get better,” or, “I want to give up”?

If you are, it’s time to change that inner dialogue and start acknowledging the struggle.

Instead of saying, “Ugh,I hate this. This is so hard,” say, “This is hard, but I know the effort I’m putting in to this will pay off.”

Or when you say, “I’m so terrible. I’ll never get better,” say, “I still need to improve. I’ll get better through learning and practise.”

What about, “I want to give up”? Try saying this instead: “If I keep going, I’ll get nearer to my goal compared to where I was yesterday.”

Do you see how your inner dialogue can change the way you think about the struggles you’re going through?

Try this exercise yourself. Remember, anything worth achieving in life comes with a struggle. So acknowledge the struggle and keep going. It makes the journey more enjoyable too.

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