Feel nervous every time you need to speak?

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In this post, I’m going to share with you my own experience of feeling nervous when it comes to speaking.

I’ve just returned from a four-day trip to West Sumatera, Indonesia with my family. It was a wonderful trip–we enjoyed breathtaking views, learned about the Minangkabau history (my late grandmother migrated to Malaysia from Sumatera when she was a little girl), ate delicious Padang food and so much more.

So last week I wrote a post about my interview experience with a local news station!

If you missed it, you can read it here on our blog.

We received dozens of emails from that post. Some asked us how to overcome feeling nervous and self-doubt and so I thought it would be great to address that here.

I mentioned that the interview was not aired, probably due to breaking news or it was just pushed to a later date. Honestly, in my mind I thought (and hoped) they would never air it.

I was thinking, “Maybe my interview was so bad that they decided to scrap the whole thing.”

Well, while my family and I were in Indonesia, my husband received a message from a mutual friend of ours. It was a photo of me on the TV screen.

It was the segment that I was interviewed for!

So apparently they did air it. It was aired last Saturday while we were in Indonesia. A few hours later, the reporter sent me a clip of the segment through WhatsApp. She wrote, “Sorry that it’s a few days late. There was a technical issue so we didn’t get to broadcast it that day.”

My husband and I watched it together in our hotel room. The WiFi in the room was kind of slow. So the two-minute segment felt like 15 minutes because we played the video while it was still downloading.

15 minutes of self-doubt, suspense and anxiety on my side.

Every time the video paused to download, I kept having to say to myself, “It’s fine, Amnah. Stop being so hard on yourself.” My husband gave words of encouragement as well, so that was helpful.

At the end of the video, I breathed a sigh of relief. Okay, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I’ve even uploaded it below.

The lesson I’m trying to share with you is this:

You can’t really avoid feeling nervous and having self-doubt. It’s part of the human experience.

In fact, it’s the nerves and the self-doubt that push you to do your best.

You can train yourself to better manage those nerves–consistently practising, having positive self-talk, getting support from a spouse or a friend–but it will never completely go away.

Remember, you’ve got to stop being so hard on yourself.

It’s great to have high expectations, but to achieve those high expectations, you need to allow yourself to make mistakes on the journey.

Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.

So I hope this has been helpful. Leave us a comment and share with us your story of making a mistake and learning from it.

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