Do you say “liaise”? Here’s how to pronounce it.

When I was in the corporate world, I often heard people use the word “liaise” but they would pronounce it as “lie-us”.

If you’re not familiar with this word, “liaise” in business English means to work with someone or people in different groups, departments, or organisations in order to exchange information.

Do you use this word at work? If you do, do you say “lie-us”?

The correct pronunciation is actually “lee-ayz” (or lee-eiz). Just Google search “how to pronounce liaise” and you can listen to the correct pronunciation.

The thing is, almost everybody at work (well, at least in my previous company) has been pronouncing it wrongly. So if you want to continue to pronounce “liaise” as “lie-us”, that’s fine. People would understand you.

However, if you’re using that word to speak to non-Malaysians, then it’s best to use the correct pronunciation: “lee-ayz”.