Are you soft-spoken? 3 tips for being heard (even with a soft voice)

Many people have said that I’m soft-spoken (but those who know me well would probably say I’m not–especially my children).

Do people say you’re soft-spoken? Do you have a gentle, quiet voice?

Being soft-spoken is not a bad thing. You’re probably a wonderful listener and people love talking to you.

But sometimes, we need to speak with a louder volume so that people can actually hear the important things we have to say.

Also, speaking with a louder voice can help us become more confident when we need to express our opinions.

If you’re soft-spoken, I want to share a few tips for getting your point across loud and clear.

1. Slow down and breathe.

There’s no rush to finish off your sentences. The slower you speak, the better you’ll be able to emphasise each word. Maybe you speak fast because you’re nervous. Take a deep breath and take the time to connect with the people or person you’re speaking to.

2. Imagine you’re speaking in a loud restaurant.

If you already have a loud voice, then don’t use this tip (we don’t want people to think you’re yelling 😉). But if you’re soft-spoken, it helps to imagine that you’re in a loud restaurant where you have to speak slightly louder so people can hear you.

3. Signal that you’re about to talk.

Sometimes, it’s hard to interrupt others when you have a soft voice. So, you can use a signal to show that you’re about to speak. Maybe you can raise your hand slightly, or nod your head energetically so people notice you. It’ll be a signal for others to give you the chance to speak.

So there you have it. I hope these three tips will help you speak louder and communicate better–even when you have a soft voice.

Because your voice and opinions matter. You just need to use the right techniques for getting them heard.