How to Improve Your Vocabulary

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We often get questions from our students on how they can improve their vocabulary. So in this week’s Facebook Live session, I shared 10 ways to help you with this.

When people say they want to improve their vocabulary, they actually mean they want to improve their active vocabulary.

There are two types of vocabulary: active and passive.

Your passive vocabulary includes all the words you recognise when reading or listening, but you are unable to use them confidently on your own.

Your active vocabulary includes all the words you can comfortably and confidently use when speaking and writing.

So if you want to expand your vocabulary to speak fluently, focus on turning your passive vocabulary into active vocabulary. This was the first tip that I shared in the session.

If you missed the live session and want to know the rest of the tips shared, you can watch it here. I also share recommendations and personal insights in the video.

Or listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Here are the 10 tips I shared in the session:

  1. Focus on improving your active vocabulary
  2. Read books and articles that you find interesting
  3. Watch videos and TV shows with English captions/subtitles
  4. Listen to English-speaking podcasts and/or radio stations
  5. Use a dictionary and thesaurus to look up meanings and synonyms
  6. Keep a vocabulary journal
  7. Keep an English journal/diary
  8. Practise translating to English
  9. Practise thinking in English
  10. Practise speaking in English every day!

Remember, you may already know and understand enough words to become a fluent speaker. It’s just a matter of using those words as often as you can so that you are confident enough to use them on your own.

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