How to Stick to Your Point & Avoid Rambling

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In our Facebook Live session this week, I shared seven tips to help you stick to your point and avoid rambling.

What is rambling?

Rambling is when you’re saying a lot of words, but the words are confusing and do not make sense to the listener. You may go on and on, jumping from one point to another. This can confuse your listener, and you may lose their attention as they get bored.

Some of the reasons people may ramble are:

  1. They are nervous, so they just say anything that comes to mind
  2. They are very excited or passionate about their topic, so they want to share everything (without any particular order or framework)
  3. They want to make their points clear, so they over-explain.


Many people do not even realise that they ramble!

So if you’re quite a talkative person, or your presentations tend to always go over time, it’s good to ask a colleague or friend whether you ramble or not.

If you missed our Facebook Live session this week, you can watch it here.

You can also listen to this session on SpotifyApple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

What’s important is that you stay on point.

Your message should be clear so that the objective of your speech, discussion, presentation, or conversation is met.

We hope you find the tips helpful and we’ll talk to you again soon!

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