How to Set Goals and Stay Motivated

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Happy New Year!

This is our first Thursday post of 2022! Just in case you didn’t know, we send a weekly email every Thursday with our latest blog post, tips, videos, or lessons to help you improve your English. If you’re not already on our email list, subscribe here.

So yesterday, Madam Azimah and I recorded a video for you. But it wasn’t our regular session where we taught English.

In the spirit of the new year, we talked about goal-setting, staying productive, and challenging yourself to grow to the next level. We also talked about how these things can relate back to your journey of learning English.

Do you create goals for the new year? Do you like the idea of creating goals, but you know that you’ll lose the motivation to pursue them a week later? Or maybe you don’t even bother to create goals because why would you even need to? 

We cover all of that and more. Watch the video here.

You can also listen to this session on SpotifyApple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Once you’ve finished watching, we hope you’ll dedicate some time to start creating your goals or look back on the goals you’ve already set for yourself with new insights and energy. 
Have a great rest of your week and we’ll talk to you again soon!

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