5 Pronunciation Exercises to Improve Clarity

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Did you know that the correct way to say “Wednesday” is “Wenzday” and not “We-nez-day”? 

So how confident are you with your English pronunciation?

If you feel that you could do with some improvement, then watch this week’s lesson where I teach five pronunciation exercises you can do at home to improve your clarity.

You can also listen to this session on SpotifyApple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Here are the five exercises that I talk about in the video:

  1. Comparing two vowel sounds by practising minimal pairs
  2. Identifying difficult consonant sounds in words 
  3. Examining words that contain t, d and /ɪd/  pronunciation endings
  4. Examining s, z, and /ɪz/ pronunciation endings   
  5. Reading aloud words that contain silent letters

These exercises were selected especially because the examples within them are tricky. (I’ve struggled with some of these myself!)

Are you ready to learn? Watch the video and do the exercises out loud! 

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