How to Say Sorry and Accept an Apology

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I once had a bitter argument with a co-worker. After I pointed out her mistake and told her that her actions were unethical as it could cost her job, she apologised and we parted ways. 

This was not an easy interaction for either of us. On my part, I was glad that she apologised. But it was even more important to me that she didn’t do that again to me or to others. 

In today’s episode, I have 21 English phrases you can use to express your apology and 19 short phrases you can use if you’re the recipient of an apology. Follow along with me and choose phrases that are suitable for your situation.

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Remember that when you’ve made a mistake, take responsibility and apologise as soon as possible. Acknowledge the other person’s feelings or how your mistakes have hurt them. Never excuse your actions. Even better, explain how you will fix the mistake or how you will make things right.

And if you’re the one accepting an apology, try to do so with grace. If possible, put the past behind you so that you and others can move forward.  
It does take maturity and humility to own up to your mistakes and to accept others’ mistakes. Nobody is perfect so let’s do our best to improve our relationships with people we care about.
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