14 Phrases to Express Disagreement

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Expressing agreement with someone can be pretty easy.

But disagreeing can be difficult because:

  1. You do not want to offend the person you disagree with;
  2. You’re afraid you may get backlash; or
  3. You do not like conflict.


But sharing an opposing opinion can be important in meetings and discussions.

So in the latest episode of our podcast, we share 14 phrases to express disagreement.

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Here are three phrases that we share in the video:

  1. “I see your point, but I have a different perspective on this.”
  2. “I respectfully disagree because I believe that…”
  3. “While I understand where you’re coming from, my opinion is that…”


Watch the episode as Madam Azimah and I share 11 more phrases with examples.

After you’ve watched or listen to the episode, we suggest you practise saying these phrases out loud so that you feel comfortable using them in real life.

Just remember, the more you practise speaking up, the more confident you will get.

If you’re afraid to speak up in important discussions, try doing so where you’re in a smaller group of people, or among colleagues that you trust.

Till our next episode!

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