“Buying Time” Phrases For When Your Mind Goes Blank

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Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words?

Let me paint a familiar scenario for you. You’re in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly, your mind goes blank. Panic sets in, right?

Well, in this week’s podcast, we’re equipping you with phrases to keep those moments at bay.

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These phrases are what we fondly call “buying time phrases.”

They give you that precious moment to gather your thoughts, look composed, and respond confidently.

These phrases are particularly useful when you need a brief moment to gather your thoughts, recall information, or formulate a response.

By using “buying time” phrases, you can maintain a composed demeanour in conversations, especially in situations where immediate answers might be expected or where you might feel pressured.

In a professional setting, you might use phrases like “Let me think about that for a moment,” “That’s an interesting point; let me consider it,” or “Could you give me a second to gather my thoughts?”.

In casual conversations, simpler phrases like “Hmm, let me see,” “Give me a sec,” or “That’s a good question, let me think” might be used.

In this episode, we share the phrases based on five different situations where your mind can go blank:

  1. When you forget a word
  2. When somebody asks you a question
  3. When somebody asks you to share an opinion
  4. When somebody doesn’t understand you
  5. When somebody challenges (doesn’t agree with) you

Overall, buying time phrases act as a bridge in conversations, allowing you and your listeners to maintain engagement while providing you the necessary time to formulate a coherent and thoughtful response.

We hope you’ll have a listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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P.S. If you didn’t get to download the Year-End Bonuses last week, don’t worry! The PDF Guide: Phrases to Use when Your Mind Goes Blank is now available on our website as a freebie for this podcast episode.

Click here to download this guide. It has more than 100 useful phrases!

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