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We’re Azimah, Amnah and Aisya from Malaysia. We’re sisters and co-creators of My English Matters. We spent eight years in Manchester, England, as children and have always loved learning the English language. 

In 2016, we created My English Matters as an online platform to help people improve their English.

Since then, we have conducted online courses, monthly online classes and live workshops.  We also teach through our weekly newsletter which has attracted more than 35,000 email subscribers!

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Our Team

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Azimah Shurfa has more than 15 years of teaching experience in the public and private sector. During her time in public universities, she taught English, public speaking, linguistics, drama and TESL. She has a master’s degree in English as a Second Language and a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences, majoring in English.

She is also a certified trainer in adult learning and has conducted online and physical classes for professionals. She now conducts regular live sessions to teach English and communication for My English Matters students.



After spending more than six years in marketing for a telecommunications company, Amnah decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue a freelancing career as a translator for television shows. She now takes care of content creation, business strategy, and marketing for My English Matters. She is also a regular writer of the blog and email newsletter, and creates daily content for the My English Matters social media pages.

Amnah loves helping people improve their English communication skills. With 14 years combined in corporate, freelancing and now, online education, Amnah uses her experience to ensure the lessons are practical and can easily be implemented by English language learners.



Aisya Shurfa spent over half a decade in university poring over English literature and falling in love with some of the greatest writers and poets before she decided it was time for her to leave the academic world behind to create art of her own.

With a degree in English Literature, she has spent ten years as a freelancer doing editing and translating work and voice-overs for commercials. At My English Matters, Aisya puts her talents and skills to use through designing and creating video lessons, posting on social media, and editing copy. When she’s not busy working, Aisya, who believes in the healing powers of art, can usually be found painting, drawing, writing and performing music, and going wherever her passion for the full creative life takes her.


Customer support

Aida joined the My English Matters team in October 2020 to take care of our students and customers. With her experience in marketing and customer service, Aida helps to answer your questions through email and on social media.  

In her free time, she loves to write and play music, read online discussions about her current obsessions, and spend time with her two beloved cats, Anne and Gwen, who she shares with Aisya.

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