When to use “was” and “were”.

Last week, I published a fun quiz on our social media about the use of the verbs “was” and “were”.

Looking at the results, many who took part didn’t get the answers right, and we received comments from some followers who wanted to know more about this grammatical rule.

So I’m writing this today to explain to you the difference between the two verbs.

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The difference between “deadline” and “dateline”

Do you ever get mixed up between the words “deadline” and “dateline”?

Getting them confused with one another is very common. After all, they do sound very similar. However, their meanings couldn’t be any more different.

To find out how “deadline” and “dateline” differ, watch this video we made for you!

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How to sound more natural when you’re speaking English

sound natural

It’s Aisya here! I’m writing to answer a question we received from one of our students about pronunciation. She asked us how she could sound more like a native English speaker.

While it’s not important to sound like a native—as English is a colourful language comprised of many different accents and dialects that can reflect an individual’s unique background— clear pronunciation plays an important role in effective communication.
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