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“Is it one word or two?”

Have you ever sat down to compose an important email or report, only to be interrupted in the midst of your flow by the need to look up whether “altogether” should be spelled as one word or as two words, “all together”?  Today we’re looking at

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Spell It Right: A Comparison of British and American English

If you’re from Malaysia, you’re probably familiar with the fact that the education system and many local universities lean towards (have a tendency towards) the British English spelling system. However, once you begin typing in Microsoft Word, for example, you’ll likely notice the program’s preference

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10 Common Expressions for Everyday Use

Today, we’re going to be looking at idiomatic expressions! An idiomatic expression is a group of words that people use together in a special way to express a particular idea or feeling. These expressions often don’t mean exactly what the individual words suggest. Instead, they

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