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Words & Phrases to Use to Sound Polite

I remember receiving a phone call from an acquaintance who said, ‘Hi, Azimah. Maaf mengganggu.’ This is Malay for ‘sorry to bother you’.  Being in the middle of doing some work, I simply replied, ‘Hi!’ She repeated her apology, ‘Sorry to bother you’ in Malay,

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How to Recover From Negative Feedback

How do you pronounce these words: “sixth”, “preface” and “scarcity”? If you’ve pronounced them correctly, bravo! If you didn’t, neither did I (when I first decided to use these words in my class)! After Amnah corrected me, I became more aware of these words. Lesson

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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Your Presentation

Listen, you can memorise your speech like a pro, have points that are backed by the latest research findings and scholarly quotes, crafted on breathtaking slides. However, if you fail to keep your content audience-centred, then your message can fall flat on the listeners. This was

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How to Avoid Overexplaining

In our online workshop last week, we shared seven strategies for elaboration, and one of our students asked us this question: “How do I avoid overexplaining something?” To overexplain is to explain in too much detail — sharing too much information that’s unimportant. This may

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