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10 Idioms with the Word “Head”

I think everybody has heard of this common and popular idiom, “head over heels.”  If I say “Ronaldo fell head over heels in love with Georgina at first sight,” you would know that it means that Ronaldo fell deeply in love with Georgina when he

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The Difference Between “I Am Not” and “I Do Not”

A common mistake I hear learners make is to say “I’m not” with verbs such as “understand” and “agree.”  Firstly, let’s review what verbs are.  Verbs can be action words like “play”, “swim”, “walk, “smoke”, or non-action words like “know”, “understand”, “agree”, “remember”, “need”.   Never

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Are Tenses Important?

Tenses are fundamental to the English language—they tell us when things happen. You might know the main ones: past, present, and future. But if we look closer, there are actually a total of 12 tenses, which are grouped into four types: simple, continuous, perfect, and

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Essential Phrases and Expressions for Travelling Abroad

Today, we’re delving into a topic that’s useful if you’re planning to embark on a journey to a foreign land – Essential Phrases and Expressions for Travelling Abroad. Travelling abroad can be intimidating, especially when you’re visiting a country that speaks a language different from

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