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Commonly Mispronounced Dishes and Beverages

The other day, I was scrolling through social media when a post caught my attention. In the post, the writer expressed how hesitant he felt about pronouncing the word “croissant” properly at a restaurant, because the last time he did, the waiter who took his

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Bilingualism in the Malaysian Context 

What can we learn from children who are able to master both English and their native language?  According to my guest in today’s episode, Dr Rabiah Tul Adawiyah, a researcher on child language development, children have less fear of making mistakes compared to adults. Adults,

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11 Manglish Words

When a person says, ‘I like your English slang,’ does this person actually mean ‘accent’, but they got the words ‘slang’ and ‘accent’ confused?  What is slang and is it the same as an accent? Let’s go deeper, shall we? An accent is a way

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Nine English Idioms to Help You Sound Fluent

Sometimes it’s hard to understand fluent speakers of the English language when they start using idioms in a conversation. That’s not entirely your fault. Idioms (or peribahasa in Malay) are a group of words in a fixed order whose meaning differs from the phrase’s literal

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