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Painting with Words: Metaphors & Similes

I first studied metaphors and similes when I took English literature in high school in Manchester, England. Mrs McGowan, my lovely English teacher, introduced us to these rhetorical devices in novels like To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and plays like Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  Despite

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Using the Active & Passive Voice

“You’ve made too many mistakes in this report. Please rewrite this.”  How does that sentence make you feel? I bet you feel uncomfortable and offended. How about this sentence: “Too many mistakes were found in this report. Please rewrite this.” You can clearly see that the

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Improve Your Pronunciation with These Exercises and Advanced Techniques

We have two episodes for you dedicated to pronunciation. These episodes contain many challenging exercises to help you speak clearly.  Do follow along with me and Amnah on our podcast episodes 83. Pronunciation: Vowels and 84. Pronunciation: Consonants.   https://youtu.be/bI73bgUogP4https://youtu.be/D_TyuPiTdUAYou can also listen to these episodes on Spotify, Apple

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Countable and Uncountable Nouns

I’m officially back from maternity leave! Yes, I had a baby. My baby is two months old now and we are both doing well. Alhamdulillah. I’m doing work while the baby is sleeping right now, so this will be a short one. If you’re new to

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How to Ask Questions Correctly

Has anyone ever told you how rude you sound?  Well, in writing, I mean. Especially when it comes to asking questions (you are too direct) or offering suggestions (you come across as too aggressive). It’s unfortunate, isn’t it? Because you are such a sweetheart in

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