The My English Matters podcast is finally here!

I’m writing this post a little later than usual because this week my children have started their online classes. They use the same computer that I use for work, so basically I’ve been working from my phone.

(I have a laptop of my own, but haven’t used it since early this year. It’s seven years old and too slow to do anything. Maybe it’s time for me to get another laptop?)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we officially have our own podcast show!

It’s aptly named My English Matters.

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10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Learn English

People often ask us this question: ‘How do I stay motivated to learn English?’

Learning English, just like learning any other skill, requires a lot of time and support. And it’s hard to get the support you need when the people around you don’t speak English.

So in this week’s video (which was a live session on our FB page), I share ’10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Learn English’. 

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Are you soft-spoken? 3 tips for being heard (even with a soft voice)

Many people have said that I’m soft-spoken (but those who know me well would probably say I’m not–especially my children).

Do people say that you’re soft-spoken? Do you have a gentle, quiet voice?

Being soft-spoken is not a bad thing. You’re probably a wonderful listener and people love talking to you.

But sometimes, we need to speak with a louder volume so that people can actually hear the important things we have to say.

Also, speaking with a louder voice can help us become more confident when we need to express our opinions.

If you’re soft-spoken, I want to share a few tips for getting your point across.

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Need to introduce yourself? Try these 7 steps.

If you’ve been following our stories on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that Madam Azimah has a new weekly segment on Manis FM, a radio channel for East Coast Malaysians.

The segment focuses on English for working professionals. Does that sound like you?

The first episode was released yesterday and it’s called 7 Steps to Effectively Introduce Yourself.

If you missed it (especially if you’re not living on the East Coast), we have good news. Madam Azimah has re-recorded the episode and added new examples for you. 

It’s only 15 minutes–but it’s a good one.

You can listen to it here: