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Tips for Learning English as an Adult

Can watching cartoons help you improve your English? That’s exactly what my guest in today’s episode did when she struggled to speak English as an adult! Qudsia Karimi, whom I first met back at university many years ago, is originally from Aghanistan and was raised

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Do You Speak Manglish?

Have you heard of Manglish before? How different is it from Standard English? As a global language, English has taken on different variations (forms) in countries where English is not the native language.  In these countries, the English language evolves and adapts to the local culture by incorporating elements

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British English vs American English

Once in a while, we get asked questions about accents and pronunciation: How do I improve my pronunciation? How can I speak more clearly? Should I change my accent? When I was first exposed to the Mancunian accent as a child in Manchester (a city

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Why Does English Matter?

What was it like going to school in England as a shy, quiet eight-year-old who could barely speak English? I shared my struggles to become fluent in this week’s episode, “Why Does English Matter”, where I was interviewed by Siti Norfatihah, an English Language Studies

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Essay Writing: What’s Your Style?

I claim to enjoy writing but, to be honest, I enjoy it only AFTER it’s done. The process of writing itself is challenging to me.  You see, I’m the type of writer who can’t sit down for too long. I’ll start to daydream, surf through

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