Communicate with Confidence – Student Spotlight

Azyren is an investment executive from Kuala Lumpur. In this video, she shares why she joined Communicate with Confidence, what she’s grateful for, and more!

Meet Nik Hairi, our online course student. Nik Hairi is an offshore technician from Kajang, Selangor. He joined Communicate with Confidence (CWC), our online course, last year.

We’re so happy to see how much he has progressed over the year! We can’t wait to see where he’ll go next. 

Meet Anne, one of our students in Communicate with Confidence (CWC). She is an HR executive at a private company. Anne used to lack the confidence to speak English with her colleagues. But after learning the step-by-step frameworks and techniques in the course, she has gained the confidence to speak English with her colleagues, children and family members!

What’s even more amazing is that she found the courage to shoot this video to share her accomplishment with all of you! We’re so proud of you, Anne!

Meet Puan Aeshah, a former teacher from Kajang, Selangor. Puan Aeshah joined our online course, Communicate with Confidence (CWC), in March this year. Listen to why she joined and her dream of communicating with confidence.

Meet Shazanatul Jannah Sulaiman, a primary school educator from Bangi, Selangor. In this Student Spotlight video, Shazana shares her intention for joining CWC, the obstacle she faced before joining, and how the course has helped her become a better communicator.

Well done, Shazana! We’re so proud of your progress. 👏🏼

Meet Amalina Hidayu, an engineer from Kuala Lumpur. She joined Communicate with Confidence (CWC), our 12-week online course, back in 2018. In this video, she shares her number one obstacle before she joined, and how she has gained confidence in speaking and presenting at work after joining CWC.

We’re so happy to see how much she has progressed over the past three years. We look forward to seeing where she goes next! Well done for all your hard work, Amalina!