Communicate with Confidence May 2019

Do you struggle with nerves and shyness when speaking English? Do you wish you could express your ideas and opinions in English more fluently? What if you could learn all this and more without having to physically attend any classes?

We have great news for you. We are now open for registration of our online course, Communicate with Confidence May 2019! 

Communicate with Confidence is our five-module online training course for Malaysian adults who want to improve their communication skills at work.

Through video lessons and downloadable worksheets, you’re able to access the training any time and anywhere. There are no classes to attend, which makes it perfect for busy people like you. The first lesson will be released online on 6 May 2019.

In this course, we’ll teach you how to cope with nerves and shyness when speaking English, how to express ideas and opinions fluently and how to use English to connect and remain confident in challenging situations.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the course for as long as its available, so you can go through the lessons whenever convenient.

This course is for you if you want to:

    • conquer shyness once and for all;
    • get motivated to speak and improve your English;
    • show up at work as a polished, empowered, English-speaking you;
    • experience an engaging and practical training on improving your confidence in communicating in English;
    • discover the tools you need to get to the next level of greatness (speaking-wise and interpersonal skills-wise);
    • become part of a peer group with other students in the online course where you will get to share your progress and learn together; and
    • have access to the My English Matters team through WhatsApp and email for up to three months! This is where you can directly contact us for support and guidance throughout the course duration to get feedback and motivation in putting the lessons to practice!

The course includes videos, actionable steps and worksheets containing phrases to help you along in communicating with confidence.

If you’re a working adult who wants to improve your English communication skills in your life and at work, then this course is for you!

Are you ready to join us? If yes, then view the payment details here.

These are the five modules and lessons covered in the online course:


This module uncovers self-coaching tips to creating a confident you by doing the inner work necessary to build your confidence. The techniques will be helpful for you in any speaking situation.

Lesson 1.1: Be Your Best Coach
Lesson 1.2: Backstage Techniques to Look and Sound Confident


In this module, we look at how to get your ideas across using speaking frameworks, how to elaborate and how to find the right words and phrases to use to sound fluent and natural.

Lesson 2.1: Speaking Frameworks to Organise Your Thoughts
Lesson 2.2: Discourse Markers to Use to Sound Natural
Lesson 2.3: Features of Natural Speech to Sound Conversational

Audio Lesson 1: Phrases to Use to Ask for Clarification
Audio Lesson 2: Phrases to Use to Check Understanding
Audio Lesson 3: Phrases to Use When You Forget Something


This module is about using the right intonation to match your intentions. We’ll teach you how to properly convey emotions and show you ways to improve your English pronunciation and diction to sound clear and confident.

Lesson 3.1: Knowing the English Consonants
Lesson 3.2: Knowing the English Vowels & Vowel Length
Lesson 3.3: Get to Know Sentence Stress to Speak Clearly
Lesson 3.4: Speak with Impact through Vocal Variety


This module is about listening effectively to build relationships and handling small talk like a professional.

Lesson 4.1: Listening Skills for Effective Meetings
Lesson 4.2: Useful Expressions to Express Your Opinion
Lesson 4.3: Techniques for Small Talk Success


In this final module, we teach you how to speak your mind assertively, how to assert your opinions respectfully and how to criticise without offending.

Lesson 5.1: Introduction to Assertive Communication
Lesson 5.2: Using Power Poses to Feel Confident
Lesson 5.3: Using Assertive Communication Techniques: The Double P.S. Strategy
Lesson 5.4: How to Say “No” Like You Mean It

The lessons will be delivered online to students starting 6 May 2019. We will email you each time a module is ready. From there, you can watch the videos at your own pace and download the worksheets that complement the lessons.

So, are you ready to join us and have fun? Then click here to view the payment details.

We’ve also added these juicy bonuses for you…

Bonus #1 – NEW! Grammar Lessons and Exercises

After the five weeks of the online course, we’ll send you our bonus lessons called 3 Common Grammar Mistakes and How To Fix Them. This is a new bonus and will comprise of three video lessons, downloadable worksheets and exercises to help you fix the most common grammar mistakes that second language learners make. You can complete the grammar exercises at home and send them to us for our feedback!

Bonus #2 – Peer Group

Once you join us in Communicate with Confidence, we’ll put you in a small group with other students (not more than 10 per group). We’ll select a leader and send an email to the group (all members will be copied in the email, so your name, email address/telephone number will be shared with your group members only).

From there, you can decide whether you want to create a WhatsApp group to keep in contact with one another, or just continue your conversation through email. You can use your peer group to gather questions you want to ask us, cheer each other on, update how you’re doing in the online course or even arrange to have meet-ups among yourselves to practice speaking English! We leave that up to you.

However, it’s not compulsory for you to join a support group. We know some people prefer to work alone at their own pace. This is just a bonus for students of Communicate with Confidence. Now if you’d like to join our online course but you do not want to join a support group, just let us know.

Bonus #3 – NEW! Office Hours Calls

In the third week of the course, we’ll have Implementation Week. There will be no new content released, so you can spend the week catching up on the lessons and worksheets. It’s also the week for Office Hours Calls where you can arrange to receive a phone call from us. Ask us questions, share what you’re struggling with and get personal coaching from us. We’ll send you an email to remind you to set your phone call appointment for the week.

Bonus #4 – Two Tickets to Communication Skills for the Workplace Workshop in July 2019! (worth RM1,398)

Although the online course is great on its own, we still believe in the transformative effects of attending a live class. Which is why we’re offering you this special bonus.

If you join us for this online course, we’ll be giving you two tickets to join our Communication Skills for the Workplace Workshop in July 2019! Each ticket is worth RM699 but online course students only need to confirm their attendance by paying a confirmation fee of RM200.

students workshop englishsound natural

The workshop will be a two-day event held in Klang Valley. We’ll advise you the confirmed date and location of the workshop in June 2019. If you’re unable to attend, that’s fine. You’ll still get a lot of value from the online course itself. This workshop is for you if you want to take a step further in implementing and practicing your speaking skills, meet with our team and mingle with other fellow students who love learning English like you!

Are you ready to take your English communication skills to the next level? If so, it’s time to take learning into your own hands and get into action.

Join us for RM1,497 and here’s a summary of what you’ll get:

1. Communicate with Confidence five-module course with online videos and downloadable worksheets. You’ll get to keep the course and watch it over and over again, or watch it at your own time. First lesson will be released to you on 6 May 2019.

2. Bonus Lessons: 3 Common Grammar Mistakes and How To Fix Them, an entirely new bonus comprising of three videos, downloadable worksheets and exercises. You can send us your completed exercises to get our personal feedback through email. This bonus will be available to you after the five-module course is released, in June 2019.

3.  Become part of a peer group with other students of the online course. Cheer each other on,  share your progress with one another and create a new network of friends who love learning English like you.

4. Office Hours Calls. In the third week of the course, you can set an appointment to receive a phone call from the My English Matters Team. Ask us questions, share what you’re struggling with and get personal coaching from us!

5. Two (2) bonus tickets to our Communication Skills for the Workplace Workshop in July 2019.  Bring your spouse, a sibling, or a friend along! You’ll just need to pay RM200 confirmation fee to confirm your attendance. Full details will be shared with you by June 2019. (worth RM1,398)

If you’re ready to join us, view the payment details here. The last day to register is Friday, 3 May 2019 at midnight!

About the Trainers

english teacher malaysia

Azimah Shurfa has 13 years of teaching experience in public universities, teaching subjects like Public Speaking, English, Linguistics and Drama. She has a Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences, majoring in English. She is also a certified trainer in adult learning. In her spare time, she loves to read books and binge on courses on personal growth, communication, teaching practices and productivity. Her ultimate passion is teaching English communication in a practical and fun way. In designing this course, she has used her teaching experience to ensure that the content is simple, fun and relevant to working adults who are passionate about improving their English and confidence.

english teacher malaysia

After spending more than six years in marketing for a telecommunications company, Amnah decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue a freelancing career. She now takes care of business and marketing for My English Matters and is a regular writer of the blog. She specialises in teaching English communication for adults at the workplace–writing effective emails, speaking in professional situations and building confidence at work and in life. In her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to podcasts on entrepreneurship, personal development and other inspiring content. In creating the lessons for this course, she has used her 12 years of working experience in business, marketing, freelancing and in the corporate world to ensure that the lessons are relevant, practical and can easily be applied to any situation.

Check out what students are saying about this online course…

“I was unsure if I could fully commit to this course because of my busy life. However, I am now able to speak calmly. I use the guidance from the speaking frameworks and use the phrases given when trying to recall a word. I would definitely recommend this course to others because the course is full of  information and guidelines to reach your goals in speaking English with confidence at work and in life. On top of that, the course is very good as all the teachers are so helpful and kind in guiding the students.” – Nurul Ain, Engineer, Kuala Lumpur.

“I am now more organised in communication. I notice that less people complain about me confusing them. This online course helps working adults improve themselves and the price is affordable compared to other English language courses.” – Nadia Anis, Legal Counsel, Kuala Lumpur.

“My confidence level has increased when I speak in English. I recommend this course to others  because it is online–no classes to attend, I can learn at my own pace and most importantly, I get emails from My English Matters to educate and motivate me in such inspiring ways.” – Siti Nor Aisyah, Finance Manager, Kuala Lumpur.

“I was not sure if the training would be effective, but I am now more confident and able to speak well, even though I’m not that fluent. My favourite module is Module 4: Speaking to Connect with People. I would 100% recommend this course, especially to those who are involved in dealing with others. There  are a lot of tips shared.” – Noor Zawani, Training Coordinator, Customer Service & Operations, Kuala Lumpur.

“I now know what I need to improve and have learned the tips on how to improve them (i.e. improve my tone and loudness). My favourite part about the online course are the tips on presentation and the given scenarios relevant to my working environment. This course can help students identify their weaknesses so that they can focus on improving their English.” – Noor Syazana, Product Manager, Kuala Lumpur.

“I am now more relaxed and calm in communicating. I have better intonation and am more confident. I would recommend this online course because it is beneficial, informative and worth the money.” – Roshafiza, Post Graduate Student, Serdang.

“I am now more confident speaking in English during meetings and classes. I have improved my vocabulary and the best part is, I spontaneously speak in English without being aware or concerned about it. I love the section on how to overcome nervousness, because my profession requires me to always give a talk. I have recommended this online course to my sisters.” – Suhaiza, Medical Lecturer, Kuantan.

Have any questions? Below are some frequently asked questions and the answers for each one.

Q1. Is the online course, Communicate with Confidence, right for me?

Do you struggle with nerves and low confidence when speaking English? Do you wish you could express your ideas and opinions in English more fluently? If yes, then this online course is for you.

Our online course is a self-study programme that is suitable for students who want to learn independently and in their own time. When you become a student, you can watch the videos at home, download the worksheets and practice as many times as you want with whomever you want. You can do it at your own pace, any time and anywhere (provided you have internet access, of course!). The online course is not face-to-face, so if you prefer learning with a personal coach or teacher, then this course is not for you.

If you find that the lessons we teach do not meet your expectations, you can ask for a full refund by 6 June 2019. As we only want students who are serious in improving their communication skills, you’ll need to send us your completed worksheets from Module One.

Q2. Will Communicate with Confidence be effective for me?

The online course will give you the techniques in speaking confidently. We’ll give you phrases to practice at home to sound more fluent and to help you express your opinions. You’ll get to download worksheets to complete exercises and to refer to for useful phrases. You’ll be able to email or WhatsApp us if you want to get our feedback. You’ll be part of a group with other students of the course to cheer each other on.

However, the effectiveness of the course is solely up to you.

This online course is a self-learning programme–no one is going to push you to do the work. You have to make the time to do the work. You’ll need to practice what we teach.

Learning is a lifelong process and you’re not going to see change overnight. That’s why we’re giving you lifetime access to this course (for as long as it’s available). And we’re giving you bonus tickets so that you can continue learning with us in a live environment with other students like you.

What’s more, you can try out the course and complete the exercises in the worksheets for the first 30 days of the course. If you feel that it’s not effective for you, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund once you submit your completed worksheets from Module One by 6 June 2019.

So, if you know that you can only learn in a classroom environment, or you want a one-to-one teacher, then please do not join this online course.

But if the idea of having online lessons available for you to learn from any time and any where (with Internet access, of course!), then we’d love to have you join us.

Q3. Do I have to attend any classes for me to finish the course?

The lessons are online, so you don’t need to attend any classes. You can just watch the videos and download the worksheets at home. However, you will get two bonus tickets to join our Communication Skills for the Workplace Workshop in July 2019. You will just need to pay RM200 to confirm your attendance. If you’re unable to attend the workshop, you can claim your bonus tickets in our other upcoming workshops.

Q4. How long is this course?

It will take at least six weeks for you to complete the core modules of the course. If for any reason there is a delay in the modules being sent to you, we’ll inform you through email.

If you’re unable to finish the course within the six weeks, you’ll still be able to view the lessons after it ends. You’ll have lifetime access to the course for as long it’s available!

Q5. How many hours per day do I need to spend on this course?

It should take about an hour each week for you to watch the videos of one module. The worksheets may take longer for you to complete as it will depend on how long you want to spend on them. It will be different for each student.

Q6. As students of the course, do we get direct access to the trainers of the online course?

Yes! Throughout the duration of the course, you can always email us or send us a WhatsApp message. We’ll answer any questions you may have relating to the course materials and this support will be available to you till the last module of the course. You’ll also have Office Hours Calls in the third week where you can set an appointment to receive a phone call from us.

Q7. Will there be any assignments in the online course?

This is a self-study programme, so there will not be any assignments. However, we will have downloadable worksheets for you to work on and take notes at home in your own time.

Q8. Is there a time limit for each of the course materials to be viewed or downloaded?

No. We want you to be able to go through the lessons any time you want. So you can download the worksheets and view the videos any time! If for any reason you have any difficulty in accessing the course, you can always send us a WhatsApp message or email so we can get it fixed for you.

Q9. I won’t be able to join because I’ll be busy in May 2019. Will you be offering this online course again?

Yes, we do plan to launch the online course again, but we can’t promise a date yet. If you enrol today and you’re unable to go through the course materials in May, you can watch it any time after that! You’ll have lifetime access to the course.

Q10. I would much prefer to attend the two-day live workshop than joining the online course. Is the workshop open for those who do not purchase the online course?

Yes, we will open up registration for the live workshop in May/June 2019. Since our online course students get two bonus tickets for the workshop, we will prioritise seats for them. We will sell the remaining and unclaimed seats to the public at RM699 each.

Q11. I’m unable to afford the price right now. Do you have an instalment plan instead?

Yes we do! Please view the payment details here. This is the first time we are introducing the payment plan, and we may not offer it again in the future. This is because we like to keep things simple so we can focus on teaching students.

Q12. Okay, I’m ready to join and learn to become a confident communicator. How do I register?

That’s great! To register, view the payment details here. The last day to register is Friday, 3 May 2019 at midnight. We can’t wait to teach you in the course!

Below are a few more testimonials from students of our workshops and training programmes:

“Love [the training]! It helped to build my confidence. I learned techniques that I can apply at my workplace.” – Noor Afira, 33, Communications Executive.

“I love [the training] very much. I feel great having this opportunity. Love! Love! Love!” – Roskhatijah, 36, Post Doctoral.

“It was a really great experience for myself. I’ve enjoyed all the videos sent to my email and that’s what triggered me to join the class. I was hesitant at first whether to join or not, but I believed this class would help me improve my English skills and to be more assertive in my daily communication. Good job and I will definitely join the next session if you have one. :-)” – Roziani Asikin, 31, Accounting Specialist.

“[The training] was beneficial and relevant to my job.” – Siti Nuraisyah, 34, Human Resource Manager.

“It’s a good experience to attend this workshop. I learned a lot and it was useful to me. Please do more classes and I am loving it. :-)” – Amirah Sofia, 26.

“The instructor and management team were very good. Love your good work to help people on communication skills and English matters.” – Nazihah, 32, Town Planner.

“Thanks for the wonderful class. I’ve learned a lot and most importantly, Madam Azimah has showed a simple and fun way to improve my English communication skills in my daily activities. Looking forward to another course.” – Salmi, age 33.

“It’s really helpful and I found the answers that I was looking for. I can’t wait to plan and practice [the teachings]. Hoping I will have the courage to do it.” – Fazlina Najwa, 36, Management Operations Lead.

“Awesome!! I’m so happy I came!!” – Adibah, 36, Teacher.

“Thank you so much. The sessions have built my self-esteem and have taught me how to speak and communicate well with others.” – Azreen, age 29.

“Teacher Azimah, I used to be afraid to speak English. You gave me a stage. I dared to challenge myself. In your speech class, I conquered the fear. Thank you.” – Wang Xia, student from China, age 32.

“You inspire me to be a better person and improve my confidence level. Thank you, Madam!” – Mukminah, age 25.

“Thank you very much. I have learned many great input and I will apply them in my daily life.”- Nurul Husna, age 25.

“Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us. I have learned so much from the workshop.” – Hasfiza, 24.

“Thanks a lot! I’ve learned so much things during the sessions and I am really looking forward to joining this kind of programme again.” – Anis Nasuha, 24.

Are you ready to join us? To register, view the payment details here. Last day to register is Friday, 3 May 2019 at midnight.

We hope to see you in the course!