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Members Monthly

Members Monthly is our membership programme with online monthly classes. We focus on grammar for writing and speaking.

Members Monthly is for you if...


You’re tired of feeling stuck and left behind. To progress in your career, it’s important for you to move beyond your current level of English.


You’ve been trying to improve your English for many months (or maybe even years!) but haven’t seen any improvement.


You want to learn English that’s relevant to you as a second language learner in a working environment.


You want to reach your full potential and be your TRUE self when you speak and write in English.

Members Monthly is our membership programme with online monthly classes.

You’ll be supported by us (your teachers — Madam Azimah, Amnah, and Aisya) and other learners to help you advance to the next level of English proficiency.

Here's what you will get
in Members Monthly...


Monthly LIVE Training on Zoom

Once a month, the My English Matters trainers will go LIVE for two hours on Zoom to teach a particular topic. You’ll get downloadable notes for each lesson. If you are not able to watch the lessons live, just watch the replays at your convenience! We’ll cover lessons ranging from grammar, writing, and speaking. As your teachers, we strive to make the lessons relevant to busy, working adults like you.


Bonus: Basic Grammar Lessons (worth RM800)

As a Members Monthly student, you'll have access to our Basic Grammar Lessons. These are the replay videos of four training sessions where we covered basic grammar to help you get up to speed with important aspects of English grammar. You will learn all about verbs, nouns and articles, present tense forms, and past tense forms.


Bonus: Content Library (worth RM3,000)

All students of Members Monthly will be given access to an online student dashboard. This is where you can access the training videos of the previous nine months (worth RM3,000!). We upload all video lessons and notes in the student dashboard so you can access them anytime as a student.


Bonus: Private Facebook Group

Once you become a Member, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group with other Members. It’s a safe space for you to cheer each other on, share your progress with one another and create a new network of friends who love learning English like you. The My English Matters Team will also be in the group to support you all the way!


Bonus: 7 Speaking Strategies to Better Elaborate & Express Yourself (worth RM800)

This is the replay video of a live online workshop we recently conducted. Tailored specifically for adults who are required to speak English at work on a regular basis, Madam Azimah shares seven strategies to help you become better at elaborating in conversations.


Bonus: Common English Phrases for Daily Conversations (worth RM100)

This bonus is a downloadable PDF document that you can print out. You can memorise the phrases to sound more natural when you speak English. (Psst! We have around 200 phrases in the document!)

Meet your teachers...

Azimah Shurfa

Azimah Shurfa has more than 15 years of teaching experience including in public universities, where she taught English, public speaking, linguistics, drama and TESL. She has a master’s degree in English as a Second Language and a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences, majoring in English.

She is also a certified trainer in adult learning and has conducted online and physical classes for professionals. She now conducts regular live sessions to teach English and communication for My English Matters students.

In designing the lessons, she uses her teaching experience to ensure that the content is simple, fun and relevant to working adults who are passionate about improving their English.

Amnah Shurfa

After spending more than six years in marketing for a telecommunications company, Amnah decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue a freelancing career as a translator for television shows. She now takes care of content creation, business strategy, and marketing for My English Matters. She is also a regular writer of the blog and email newsletter, and creates daily content for the My English Matters social media pages.

Amnah loves helping people improve their communication skills — whether it’s for work or for their personal lives. With 14 years combined in corporate, freelancing and now, online education, Amnah uses her experience to ensure the lessons are practical and can easily be implemented by second language learners.

What our students say about
Members Monthly...

Find your answers here.

If you are reading this right now and you can understand this, then your level of English is great for this membership. We’ll be teaching lessons that will be suitable for all levels of English, covering basic grammar and fluency for the workplace. You can always ask questions during our live classes or send us an email for support.

As long as you’re able to understand English, we highly encourage you to join us!

Our monthly membership programme is suitable for people who want to learn without having to attend a physical class. When you become a student, you can watch the live or replay videos at home, download the notes, and practise as many times as you want.

Our monthly classes will provide you with the teachings to help improve your English proficiency in speaking and writing. You’ll be able to ask us questions during the live training. You’ll be part of a private Facebook group with other students of the membership to cheer each other on.

However, the effectiveness of the programme is solely up to you.

Members Monthly is a self-learning programme — no one is going to force you to do the work. You have to make the time to watch the training. You need to do the work to see improvement. You will need to practise what we teach.

Learning is a lifelong process and you are not going to see change overnight. You can stay in the membership to continue learning and improving, or simply cancel your subscription anytime if it is not suitable for you. Simply write to us at to cancel.

Important: If you know that you can only learn in a classroom environment, or you want a one-to-one teacher, then please do not join this online membership programme.

However, if the idea of having monthly online lessons available for you to learn from anywhere (with internet access, of course!), then you are the right fit for this monthly programme!

We’re focused on providing online training programmes and workshops so we currently do not provide one-to-one training. The Members Monthly programme is not a face-to-face/personal class, so if you prefer learning with a personal coach or teacher, then this programme is not for you.

While face-to-face classes have the benefit of getting instant feedback from your teacher and are more intimate, the disadvantage to that is you are paying for that particular session only. After the face-to-face class is over, there won’t be any repeats, or a chance to revisit parts, unless you pay additional fees to resit a class.

This is why we have designed this monthly membership programme.

It is meant for you to learn a new lesson each month, implement, and rewatch whenever necessary. If you need to be inspired and motivated, simply revisit the lessons online or connect with other students in the private community.

There will be ONE live online class every month on Zoom. It will also be broadcast live in the private Facebook group (for members only). The day and time of each class will be announced through email and in the private Facebook group. Any exercises or notes of the class will be downloadable from the online student dashboard.

We’ll make sure to announce the date and time of each class early in the month so you can block your calendar for it!

If you’re unable to watch it live, the replay will be in the Facebook group and in your online student dashboard.

No, there will not be any assignments. You can just watch the lessons and download any notes we provide for you to practise at home.

Since we only have one class a month, you’ll only need to spend two hours a month to go through a video lesson. You can watch the lessons live or watch the replay.

No. Members Monthly is an ongoing membership focused on English proficiency. It is different from the CWC online course.

In Members Monthly, you can get monthly live training from us in a group setting — focusing more on grammar.

CWC is a 12-week programme focused on the mindset and techniques to become a more confident and fluent speaker. Our CWC students have sometimes wanted more when the programme ends, and Members Monthly is that “more”!

We conduct the live online classes on Zoom and after every live class, we upload the replay video in an online student dashboard. So you don’t need to have a Facebook account to join.

Yes, your payments will automatically process once a month (or once a year for annual subscribers) on the same day you register, or very close to it. For more details, please see our Membership Policy.

Yes. You can contact us at to change your monthly subscription to an annual subscription any time!

You are able to cancel your subscription at any time and prevent future charges. Simply email us with your request a minimum of seven (7) days in advance of your billing date and provide the full name and email address you used to sign up. Our email address is

Please do not request to cancel your subscription through Facebook or other social media platforms (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).

Refunds are available for annual purchasers within 30 days of purchase. For more details, please see our Membership Policy.

Yes, we do plan to open registration again, but we can’t promise a date yet. If you join today and you’re unable to go through the lessons in the coming months, you can watch them any time after that! You’ll have access to the replays of monthly lessons for as long as you are a paying member.

Please also bear in mind that if you join the next intake, we cannot guarantee that the subscription price will be the same.

Make sure you join our email list to be notified when we open registration again. Subscribe to our email list here.

If you have further questions, please write to us at

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