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the programmes we offer.

Our membership programme, online courses and workshops are targeted for working adults who speak English as a second language. We focus on English proficiency, communication and presentation skills.

Communicate with Confidence is our 12-week online course for working adults who want to improve their communication skills at work. We focus on mindset, techniques and fluency in speaking English. 

Members Monthly is our membership programme with online monthly classes so students can learn whenever and wherever they want. We focus on grammar and proficiency in writing and speaking. 

In the replay videos of this 2-day online workshop, we share seven strategies for you to become better at elaborating and expressing yourself.

This 3-day video training will help you get up to speed with basic grammar concepts covering the three tenses: The Past, Present & Future Tenses.

This is a live online workshop that we conducted over two days. We teach techniques and strategies to help you speak confidently in spontaneous situations.

This is a live online workshop that we conducted over two days. This workshop is tailored for working adults who want to improve their skills in presenting at work. The replay video of this online workshop is available for purchase.

Writing with Confidence is our five-module online course for second language learners who want to write in English with confidence.

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