Speaking English with Confidence – All Seven Tips!

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Part 1: Behind the Scenes, is presented by Azimah and has three tips. Here’s Tip 1.

Now that you’re in the best frame of mind, let’s move on to the next tip, Tip 2.

Here’s Tip 3, which is the last tip for Part 1: Behind the Scenes. Learn how to benefit from watching TV.

Now that we’ve covered Part 1: Behind the Scenes, it’s time to move on to Part 2: Taking the Stage! Amnah teaches you techniques that you can use to sound more confident when you speak.

In the next video, Tip 5, Amnah talks about how you can engage your listeners when you speak. Check it out here.

We’ve come to the last tip of Part 2: Taking the Stage for this free online course you’ve signed up for. We hope they’ve been helpful. Click here to watch Tip 6, where Amnah talks about using melody in your voice to engage your listeners.

We’ve come to the last tip for Speaking with Confidence. This is a bonus tip presented by Aisya, where she talks about a simple way you can sound more natural when you speak. It’ll also help you from sounding like a robot!

Check it out here.

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